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Please Read | Title Fee Deposit | Payment Instructions

If you have submitted the online Assurance Abstract Corporation Title Application, we Thank You.   (Application is here)

♦  If you have paid the deposit fee online, you are done for now and we will contact you regarding next steps.

♦  If you'd like to mail a check along with your submission, please do the following.

◊  If you have not completed an Assurance Abstract Corporation Title Application, please do so, by choosing an option on this page.

◊  A PDF copy of your online submission will be emailed to the address provided in the 1st/top section. 

◊  Print a copy of this PDF and mail it to us, along with a check for $300.00 (payable to Assurance Abstract Corporation) to...

         Assurance Abstract Corporation

         7929 Bustleton Avenue
         Philadelphia, PA 19152